UltraNote tech releases

UltraNote tech releases

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March 5, 2018 by Desp
This is really worth shouting about as it makes mining very accessible for anyone with a home pc or laptop, it is almost as easy as 1-2-3. We expect this to greatly increase the number of UltraNote miners, in turn this will increase the hashing power of the network and add to UltraNotes strength and security.

Here is a summary of UltraNotes tech upgrades and improvements to date. We are always working to improve and stay ahead of the pack.

GUI wallet release (Nov 14th 2017)

Some great news from UltraNote, we have been able to achieve the release of the GUI wallet well ahead of the roadmap pledge. In fact it’s 5 weeks early!

This is really worth shouting about as it makes mining very accessible for anyone with a home pc or laptop, it is almost as easy as 1-2-3. We expect this to greatly increase the number of UltraNote miners, in turn this will increase the hashing power of the network and add to UltraNotes strength and security.

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and it integrates the safe storage of your XUN in the wallet, allows you to check you balance and send/receive XUN as you need to. In addition it also hosts something called the UltraNote daemon, this is the part of the GUI wallet that communicates with the nodes within the UltraNote network and allows you to mine the coin and increase your XUN balance.

All you need to do to become an UltraNote miner is download the GUI wallet for your Operating System (OS) from [insert link here].

Once you have downloaded it, enter the numbers 5555 in the [insert name] box and then click the start mining button. That’s it, that’s all there is to it; you’re now a cryptocurrency miner!

In later releases of the GUI wallet, we will be adding a messaging feature so that you can send messages at the same time as transferring your XUN.

It’s important to ensure that you back up your GUI wallet at an appropriate frequency. You can contact UltraNote team through the forum for advice and tutorials on this.

UltraNote storms onwards (17th Dec 2017)

16th December 2017 may have seemed like any other day but for UltraNote XUN, it was huge!

Firstly, our Dev team was enriched by the addition of another dev. They are a freelance softare engineer and they have a wealth of experience in industry. Their experience includes, but is not limited to; web, mobile and server programming, e-commerce solutions, marketing and digital design studio hosting and server management, not to mention proof-of-concept through to final delivery of unique, applied solutions. They are a real one-soldier, full-stack solution provider.

We are extremely proud to be working with them and already they have made a difference to UltraNote by providing a solution for integrating the messenger into the new online wallet, a real breakthrough. This keeps UltraNote well ahead of its roadmap, you’ll get to see our new online app very soon, we will keep you posted.

XUN has been listed by Cheddur, which is a fantastic, new, informational and interactive cryptocurrency app where you can learn about cryptocurrencies, connect with friends, track prices and post your wallet public addresses. We are continuing our work with Cheddur and hope to have more to tell you soon. Cheddur is available on both Android and IOS.


Facebook is another area where UltraNote is seeing rapid expansion. We recently passed 500 likes and have interacted with a large cryptocurrency group which has created a separate area for open discussion on XUN. We are also working on a Q&A feature with the cryptocurrency group which will be available soon.

That rounds up the activity for the last 24 hours. It has certainly been dramatic!

Successful Hardfork (6th Jan 2018)

Evolution, the process of formation or growth; development.

We are proud to announce that the devs have managed a successful hardfork of UltraNote XUN. Please backup your existing wallet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXA4Pb07nOk and download the latest version of the UltraNote wallet from https://ultranote.org/ which will be available from Monday 8th January 2018. The hardfork blocks are currently rolling beautifully and we already have a new record high number of miners which we are so pleased about.

Why did XUN hardfork?

As a follower of XUN, or perhaps as one of our dedicated miners, you’re likely to be acutely aware of what happened when cloudminers set up at camp UltraNote. Blocks were rolling nicely on 24th December 2017, as with any day since launch on 4th November 2017. Enter block 31660 and an unknown cloud miner with hashpower of 1.4Mh/s.

What followed were the slowest three blocks we had seen, caused by a huge increase in difficulty. Thankfully it only lasted 3 blocks before the network hash reduced back to the familiar level of around 600Kh/s. Shortly after, the algorithm adjusted difficulty back down and the blocks began to flow again, quicker than usual at first and then at their normal rate.

This prompted a considered response from the UltraNote dev team. Several actions were implemented to reduce the impact of a cloudminers presence, including an adjustment to ensure that blocks were found more quickly following the departure of the cloudminer and the creation of an upper limit of 8Kh/s per IP address from within a pool. The key point to note here is that IP addresses from outside mining pools could not be limited.

Despite these mitigations, the situation was not resolved and the cloudminer/s returned a further three times for varying durations from 18 hours to 4 days and with hashrates of up to 6Mh/s, which created difficulty in the region of 500 million. Up to the hardfork, cloudminers were still present and a new block had not been found for over 4 days.

Post-hardfork, the cloudminers were immediately absent from the UltraNote network, meaning that the upgrades to the coding were immediately successful.

How did cloudminers manage to cause issues pre-hardfork?

UltraNote ran using a CryptoNote algorithm which included an adjustment for difficulty that lagged following a sharp increase in hashrate. This was known to the cloudminers and they were happy to mine the period leading up to the increase in difficulty, then pack their bags only to return when loyal miners have reduced the difficulty. Then they simply reconnect to the network and increase the difficulty once more.

How were the cloudminers stopped so that mining is fair for smaller miners?

The cloudminers could not be stopped at the pool level because a limitation could not be imposed on a solo miner. So, the solution to this issue laid with limiting them at the coin level. This meant a change to the coding of UltraNote by performing a hardfork.

As a team, we hadn’t envisaged needing a hardfork this early in the life of UltraNote. However, the cloudminers activity demonstrated that there was an opportunity for UltraNote to improve.

The hardfork has improved the response time of the algorithm to rapid hashrate increases, which will significantly disadvantage a cloudminer. It also introduces a static limitation on hashrate and difficulty, which shouldn’t see the crippling stalls in block activity that we saw pre-hardfork. This will stop cloudminers setting up pools to mine in.

We must thank our loyal band of miners, who have stuck by us through this difficult and enduring phase. Some have fallen and decided to pursue other avenues. We are left with a truly pure band of supporters who carry the same vision as us, the dukes of UltraNote as they have become known in the UltraNote Republic Discord channel. Thanks to everyone for the support UltraNote received during this challenging time.

Evolution UltraNote

The moral of this story is that XUN is still young, like a tiger cub. It has survived many attacks, it is growing, learning and even evolving into a more competitive entity; the older and wiser it gets, the stronger it becomes. The UltraNote dev team are united in their approach and will not stand for individuals or organisations attempting to hinder them or trying to damage UltraNote.

We don’t give up.

Mac GUI Wallet Release (14th Jan 2018)

Following the successful release of the new GUI wallet, we have followed up with a new Mac wallet with an added improvement to the last version.

The new wallet can be downloaded from https://ultranote.org/UltraNoteWallet-1.0.4-beta.dmg

The great thing about this new Mac version is that it has been created with trusted Apple keys, so there is no need to download homebrew to make it useable. This was enabled by a member of our discord community.

Online Wallet Release (27th Jan 2018)

Following the successful release of the Mac GUI wallet in early 2018, the UltraNote team continue their 100% record of Roadmap adherence and announce the incredibly early release of the Online Wallet.

Your new Online Wallet can be accessed and created at https://mywallet.ultranote.org/. 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is provided as standard, so please ensure you have a working mobile phone and are able to use the program Telegram to receive your confirmation code.

The Online Wallet diversifies the number of XUN wallet interfaces to store and transact with XUN. All of the technology and wallet interfaces have been provided by or in association with the UltraNote dev team; very few, if any cryptocurrencies are able to claim this – for example, their online wallet may have been created and hosted by another company. Combine this fact with the speed of transfer and ease of mining XUN and you can see mass adoption is one step closer through increased accessibility.

In your Online Wallet, you’ll be able to use all of the normal sending/receiving and deposit functions of the GUI wallet, with the added benefit that you can access your XUN from anywhere that uses a trusted internet connection. You’ll notice a ‘Coming Soon’ message within the wallet interface, this is because we will be adding the messaging feature to the wallet as soon as it is fully tested.

Currently, the Online Wallet is independent of other wallet interfaces, so all functions you carry out will only show there. Don’t forget, it’s easy to set up links between the GUI and Online Wallets, so you can quickly transfer your XUN from wallet to wallet.

This 2018 Roadmap advancement brings us very close to release of the mobile wallet and messenger, which will make XUN one of the most versatile cryptocurrencies available.

It won’t be long before we complete our 2018 Roadmap, so feel free to join our Discord community ‘XUN Republic’. Here you can make suggestions to the Devs, Admins and the new Dukes of XUN about what features you’d like us to consider developing in 2018 and beyond.

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