UltraNote strengthens mining network

UltraNote strengthens mining network (19th Nov 2017)

The very latest news from UltraNote confirms that a further seed node has been compiled and made active. It is located in Paris. This brings the total number of UltraNote seed nodes to 6, with others located in New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, London and Sydney. There are plans to add further seed nodes as the network expands.

For those who don’t know, seed nodes are important for XUN (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter), because they direct your wallet to the network when it is first opened. Without seeds, a cryptocurrency will eventually diminish, wallets will begin to run out of nodes that they know are reliable to connect to. The seed nodes are constantly looking for available hosts and measuring their reliability.

The UltraNote team are funding and maintaining operations like compiling seed nodes on a voluntary basis, so developments like this are all done for the good of the mining network and the XUN coin itself. The UltraNote team does not believe in running ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

Please spread the word about UltraNote, the fantastic GUI wallet, easy mining and the support on offer from the UltraNote community. The more miners we have, the quicker that UltraNote will become listed on exchanges.


UltraNote improves security encryption to the next level (29th Nov 2017)

The UltraNote community are currently upgrading the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) from Cloudflare HTTP/1 to Cloudflare HTTP/2. This is the first upgrade to HTTP protocol in 15 years and we wanted to bring the benefits to you as quickly as possible.

SSL is a vital part of any cryptocurrency, it’s a computer networking protocol that secures and encrypts connections between network application clients (miners) and servers, over an internet connection. Most internet connections are unsecured, which is why this part of the security layer is so important to maintain and improve.

Implementing this upgrade will improve UltraNote by speeding up the website, whilst leaving the existing codebase unaltered.

It’s definitely worth noting that at the same time as completing this upgrade, we are encrypting all communications on our mining pool and block explorer.

This self-funded upgrade is further evidence of UltraNote teams commitment to continuous improvement to position XUN ready for mass adoption.

We apologise for any downtime or inconvenience whilst we complete this upgrade.