UltraNote listed on major exchange

24th November 2017, another big step for UltraNote, we are very pleased to announce the listing of UltraNote (XUN) on http://stocks.exchange under the XUN/BTC pairing.

Listing on a cryptocurrency exchange demonstrates the high demand for UltraNote, which is excellent as UltraNote has been built for mass adoption and potentially as a successor to Monero or Bitcoin.

It also shows the innovation behind UltraNote – the features make the coin stand out from the competition. Things like the wallet messaging, interest on deposits, improved efficiency and privacy for transactions and messages.

Large volumes of coins are being submitted to exchanges for consideration, so for XUN to be listed only 21 days after launch, it shows the true quality of UltraNote. Exchanges can only consider the highest quality coins and it’s great to see that they view UltraNote among these.

UltraNote started as a miners coin and we fully support the miners setting the price on the exchanges, we don’t believe in setting an unrealistically high price for XUN and we are happy to let it grow naturally by miners selling their coins at a price that they are happy with.

We are in talks with a variety of other exchanges, so it won’t be long before you can choose your preferred provider. We will keep you posted with each new exchange listing.

XUN additional trading pairs (4th Jan 2018)

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin to a new all time high in December 2017 highlighted a particular issue to us.

Bitcoin is slow.

UltraNote has a much higher transaction speed, over 1000 transactions per second. It is also much cheaper to send XUN from one place to another.

For this reason, we have added the XUN/LTC and XUN/ETH pairings to stocks.exchange, where it is now possible to trade XUN in three pairings.

It has become commonplace for traders to move different currencies around whilst Bitcoin is pumping, it’s both quicker and cheaper to move a coin like Litecoin or Ethereum and then sell it for Bitcoin at its destination, rather than moving the Bitcoin in order to carry out your trade.

With the addition of XUN/LTC and XUN/ETH, traders can now simply move Litecoin or Ethereum and trade for UltraNote.

Look out for further UltraNote updates soon, we have some big announcements to make.