Two Ways. Gradually, Then Suddenly by Farah Bazzrea

Two Ways. Gradually, Then Suddenly by Farah Bazzrea

September 4, 2018 by Desp
Imagine a world free of financial middlemen: no 4% skimming, no monthly fees and no near-zero interest, if any, paid on balances. It’s difficult I know. But with the advent of decentralized POW cryptocurrencies like UltraNote (XUN), this world is fast becoming a reality. Granted, current beneficiaries of our rigged financial system will not relinquish

Imagine a world free of financial middlemen: no 4% skimming, no monthly fees and no near-zero interest, if any, paid on balances. It’s difficult I know. But with the advent of decentralized POW cryptocurrencies like UltraNote (XUN), this world is fast becoming a reality. Granted, current beneficiaries of our rigged financial system will not relinquish this exorbitant privilege where every whim acquiesced, desire met and need anticipated in the uber-private luxury of international resorts and sprawling mansion estates without a fight–and their tentacles extend into every crook and cranny of government. Warren Buffet pays lower income tax rates than his secretary.1

But what should one expect from a government-sanctioned banking monopoly? An economy’s interest rates represent the cost of money and since money represents labor (productivity), zero-bound interest rates place little to no value on labor. Is it any wonder America’s working middle-class has steadily slipped below the poverty line into the pits and traps of 21% consumer debt interest rates and perpetual tenancy? Upon reflection, jurisprudence and history suggest we should be grateful the fascist wolves have left any meat on the bone at all. During the last hundred years, political leaders such as Adolf Hitler, Kim Jung II, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong have failed to prevent more than 80 million citizens from starving to death within their own countries.2

Were it not for the last bastion of American free speech on the Internet’s alternative media, to what lengths would this current clan of devious egoists expend themselves to silence our souls and further plunder our posterity and future? Undoubtedly, the Second Amendment assures continued existence of free speech but it also guarantees the wolves will continue circling, waiting for an opportune moment to separate the people from their arms. For history is replete with barbarians overrunning pacified countrysides, easily slaying unarmed resistance and enslaving inhabitants once their ability to defend themselves had been removed by their overlords. Likewise, tyrants and empires boldly tread atop unarmed constituents without a moment’s consideration or remorse.

This is the reason the first two and possibly greatest Amendments to the U.S. Constitution openly declare our God-given authority for freedom of expression and the right to bear arms. These inviolable defenders of freedom and liberty, critical to a peaceful, prosperous existence must never be forsaken. Yet today’s heirs of the conniving carnivorous cretins gorging for centuries on the public stores are a wiser lot. No longer is wanton feasting or undisciplined ruin unleashed upon the proletariat. Subtly, with great patience these bloodthirsty predators stalk their heedless quarry, presenting resistance here and there, enticement if owing, corralling the domesticated herbivores into narrowing pens for the Great Financial Fleecing (GFF) on a scale never before seen as the world looks on, largely uncaring, perhaps even cheering for the comeuppance of such haughty ignorance from the warmongering newcomer.

But birthing pains are necessary for the emergence of new life and no longer shall Americans lounge in the pregnancy of our reform. Humanity’s future beckons. Only a global consciousness could wrest the grasp of our worldly lives from the satanic forces of an international pedophilic criminal cabal hellbent on world domination with the issuance and control of their one-world currency, the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), usurping national sovereignty and cementing their position at the apex of humanity forevermore.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), formed in 1944 as the central banks’ central bank, and their bankster cabal leadership supported by rank-and-file membership have been quietly building their one-world currency foundation and infrastructure, biding their time, waiting for the inevitable fall of the USD hegemony as it succumbs to its well-known expiry, the built-in Triffin’s Dilemma. Once the rebalancing scheduled in October 2018 shifts nations’ quota (voting) percentages within IMF membership, the BRICS alliance is widely expected to surpass the minimum 15% veto requirement. As a result, US foreign policy dictates, as well as USD dominance in global trade, will formally begin its long-due decline.

However, simply switching from one globally centralized monetary system to another is no relief to the masses. This upcoming IMF event is more of the same under a new name with mostly the same peeps at the top and you guessed it, the same 99% at the base of the proverbial economic pyramid where the working class bear the brunt of the burden and receive the least of the rewards for their labor. This international banking cabal will continue printing money from thin air to strategize and shamelessly implement their treasonous plot as their MSM shills sweep away in subterfuge any tracks or traces of their scam. Although pocketed politicians have passed laws legitimizing this global extortion racket, the criminal conspiracy to gain absolute power over the peoples of the world is no less immoral–and doomed.

In developed nations, current banking realities are mostly annoying, but in the war-torn nations of the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, this developed nation banking paradigm presents a substantive obstacle to personal wealth building. Likewise, residents of South American nations suffering monetary hyperinflation or worse, total collapse, face enormous headwinds in their struggle for economic survival in a world template of traditional banking services. According to Business Insider, 96% of the two billion unbanked citizens of Planet Earth need banking services but simply cannot afford them.3

Thankfully, technology is supplanting the world’s banking modus operandi with the same uberization of industries like transportation, hospitality, international shipping and others while legacy banking fails to refresh product offerings, remaining inside their Western box as they attempt to expand their global footprint into nations like Tanzania, Mali, and Cambodia. As a result, their underservicing of this largely untapped market is giving rise to cryptocurrency banking alternatives focused on providing affordable solutions for the masses.

The developed world is racing towards a financial calamity of epic proportions at the same time technology is building out new egalitarian financial systems capable of highly increased efficiencies in business models, transparency and access for roughly 30% of the global population desiring to climb out of the corrupt quagmire of tyranny to join the rest of the planet enjoying the benefits of 21st-century technologies. Unfortunately, I suspect Americans will soon awaken knee-deep in the bogs of this monetary nightmare alongside our brethren around the world. Our joined efforts for creating decentralized economies to foster equal development opportunities around the world will not fail.

Our progress is currently being limited by the forces of those with much to lose but ultimately, the few cannot suppress the many. This is a harsh reality for the 0.01%. One can understand the elitists’ trend of constructing concrete bunkers, purchasing isolated islands and entrenching themselves inside formidable fortresses. I suspect they hang this future existence on hopes of continuing their Ponzi-scheme game behind the curtain in opulence and safety. This is a false hope. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency alternatives will come. Similar to Ernest Hemingway’s reference to bankruptcy in his work, The Sun Also Rises, I suspect this transition will evolve in “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”




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