This is NOT a test, By Farah Bazzrea

This is NOT a test, By Farah Bazzrea

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October 24, 2018 by Desp
Big Government. Big Brother. Big Biz. City of Rome. City of London. International Fascist Bankster Cabal. These are all one and the same–interconnected redundancy. All for the purpose of take-take-take. No give. Just take. Of course, except for token gifts under bright lights for maximum effect. And even those to fakirs—Clinton Foundation, for instance. Or

Big Government. Big Brother. Big Biz. City of Rome. City of London. International Fascist Bankster Cabal. These are all one and the same–interconnected redundancy. All for the purpose of take-take-take. No give. Just take. Of course, except for token gifts under bright lights for maximum effect. And even those to fakirs—Clinton Foundation, for instance. Or Soros Foundation? What a joke. No. Worse than that. Criminal. Evil. Tyrannical. These are words more appropo to describe the grand international conspiracy hefted upon the peoples of the world. To be clear, this isn’t an American event. Collectively, we face a global cartel’s centuries-long initiative unfolding in a final push for total world domination and control by wielding the supreme power couple for Rome’s highest aspirations: threat of nuclear holocaust and planetary poverty in which 0.01% utilize technology to blackmail 7,600,000,000+ sentient human beings into complete and utter compliance and submission or face total annihilation either through starvation, lead poisoning, not to mention no-charge extra ventilation or backyard BBQ at 6,000 degrees Kelvin. Take your pick.

The world is no longer approaching the proverbial fork in the road. We’re standing dead center, no pun intended, at the crossroads of destiny as Universe reveals clear choices for humanity—self-determination or domestication. Free or enslaved. Living in the stream of consciousness presents no-brainer choices when confronted with clear-cut alternatives to the status quo. We need merely to act locally in our own best interests. Restated, when taking action is less painful than doing nothing, we, as a species, respond in heroic and uncompromising ways which are only natural responses to relieve our oppression. And for so long now, since 1913 more recently, doing nothing was the easiest choice. However, this rapidly encircling technological snare of financial and mortal devises has breached the proverbial red line for civil discourse.

Make no mistake. We are at war with those behind the curtain. The pawns and bishops, knights and rooks, lockstep in arms, march to their masters’ cadence. These are not our public servants. These are our grandmasters’ minions, pied pipers playing their tunes, preparing for most of Mankind’s destruction if the masses fail to leap from the cliff upon queue. Bunkers, mountaintop fortresses, megayachts circling the globe, million-acre reserves, all fully stocked and ready for the chosen ones to ride out the storm as their Lucifer-contrived blueprint for Armageddon is revealed.

No. This is not a James Bond global domination sequel to Dr. No. **THIS IS NOT A TEST** This is a live-fire event. No redos. Need I even list the many, many circumstances in our lives that were we not the sad product of public education, would be screaming in our ears that this current global state of affairs cannot last? Over one quadrillion dollars in securitized financial instruments at risk of complete loss? Derivatives of derivatives of derivatives. You get the point. Does anyone even know how many zeros that is? OMG… it looks like this: $1,000,000,000,000,000.00—a billion millions. That’s approximately $131,578.94 USD encumbrance for each individual, man, woman and child, on the face of the planet with 71% of the world’s population living on less than $10/day. Nothing else need be said. But I will. Tho for the sake of brevity, I’ll spare you the minutia.

On second thought, let’s just cut to the chase: Big Brother. In a world where corporatocracy, fascism, mercantilism, whatever you want to call it, runs roughshod over the people’s rights, privileges and democratically determined wishes, the massive global daily data capture of tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube/Google, Amazon, and all their international ilk, provides our unseen enemies with the very tools for the manipulation of our demise as human beings of freewill with our potential limited only by one’s own ingenuity and effort. This has been the pursuit of Western culture for at least 2,500 years, carried forward from Plato to negotiated treatises such as the Magna Carta and its statutory replications to the American Civil War, a radical idea born into this world of equality, suppressed by the reigning monarchs and oft manifesting in war.

Regrettably, lives lost seem to be fodder for human evolution. Without great pain and sacrifice, no mandate for change ever gains foothold. Only when Universe presents humanity with a distinct fork in its path, one road leading to greater misery and the other to solutions do we momentarily awake from our daily slumber to climb out on the next great limb of humanity’s evolution. I expect the ruling politburo’s culling to begin in my lifetime, which after six decades, one shouldn’t assume too much in that statement. Coupled with the approaching Grand Solar Minimum—the Eddy Minimum—global corporatocracies will take desperate measures to ensure their survival. And all’s fair in love and war.

This brings me round to my point. 24/7 Surveillance. Yes, that is the plan. But why? You ask. Why do you think? Preventive maintenance. Take out a problem before it snowballs. If there were not an action plan behind the surveillance, what would be the point? And spending our hard-earned money often reveals our thoughts and ideals to those with an eye to our financial ledgers. As the global central-bank debt-based fiat money system implodes, there will be a shift to cryptocurrencies. Beware. Not all cryptos are created equal. Leaving the centralized vs. decentralized issue for another day, the fundamental issue of privacy is one I expect to be of great consequence. Privacy coins will be highly valued by those wishing to avoid the all-seeing eyes of the Rothschilds, their co-conspirators and enablers. It’s not that we’re doing anything wrong. We just don’t want to give those psychopaths willing to forcefully impose their will upon others the tools to do so. Unlike their central-bankster and MSM sycophants who continue playing their flute as the sheeple amass upon the great crevice’s edge. No net below.

UltraNote (XUN) utilizes unlinkable, untraceable blockchain technology in a modified version of the “traceable ring signature” by CryptoNote using one-way functioning key imagery that is unavoidable, unambiguous and yet, an anonymous marker of the users’ private key. In addition, ChaCha20 encrypted technology adapted for XUN messaging file attachments bolsters the UltraNote Network’s energy shields to provide secure anonymous payment and communication lines with 2048-bit encryption and 4096-bit encryption under development. Couple this with a forthcoming XUN mobile wallet-based messenger and the inevitable rise of P2P and Point-of-Sale technologies to facilitate global crypto-commerce and UltraNote’s future is so bright, we’ll have to wear shades (shoutout to Timbuk3).

Did I mention CPU/GPU mining to fund the XUN network fees? Web mining? We’re talking fees so low, unless you’re a regular gabster you’ll probably accrue XUN coins to support all the encrypted messaging and anonymous spending you’ll ever need. Just in case.

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