MSM: Irrelevant News by Farah Bazzrea

MSM: Irrelevant News by Farah Bazzrea

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September 12, 2018 by Desp
So often the MSM reports a story as if an actual third-party existed in their poorly veiled propaganda pieces masquerading as headline news. Choreographed across the nation, these stories often flail airwaves and light channels with precisely scripted off-topic messages to distract from central bankers’ monetary sleight-of-hand. In rapid succession, arising from ambiguous or even

So often the MSM reports a story as if an actual third-party existed in their poorly veiled propaganda pieces masquerading as headline news. Choreographed across the nation, these stories often flail airwaves and light channels with precisely scripted off-topic messages to distract from central bankers’ monetary sleight-of-hand. In rapid succession, arising from ambiguous or even anonymous sources, these otherwise petty “reports” are fast-tracked into national debate via 24/7 programming repeatedly pounding home points on morning news, daytime talkies and should root take hold, faux journalistic endeavors as 60-Minutes in grand deceptions of legitimate inquiry. All the while alt-news exposes these duplicitous schemes for pennies on the dollar in an unacknowledged uberization of the industry.

But the MSM has no one to blame. They’ve done it to themselves. If America’s media truly were our Fourth Estate, journalists would be exposing the deep financial faults and calamitous credit crevices lying directly ahead. Any economist other than those paid to think otherwise will admit there are no paths left where Americans escape unscathed by decades of gluttonous banksters wielding wrecking balls to our ill-managed monetary system and economy. There should be MSM warnings shouted from the mountaintops to politicians and proletariat alike, “Live within your means or suffer the same fate history reveals awaits!”

So where are the warnings of economic and financial calamity? Do you hear them? No? Prostitutes. Anonymous op-eds. Employee tax returns. It appears these alone are the confronting issues worthy of the public’s examination in pursuit of bettering society and the planet. Thankfully, this mother-of-all Ponzi frauds perpetuated upon the world’s peoples is almost over. After our economic system nearly reached its natural end in 2008, the global economic Code-Red team restarted life once more with trillions and trillions of dollars pumped back into this expiring debt-is-money paradigm purported upon us by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The average lifespan of a fiat currency is twenty-seven years. In case you’re wondering, we’re forty-seven years into this latest harebrained monetary scheme.

According to a study of 775 fiat currencies by, there is no historical precedence for a fiat currency that has succeeded in holding its value. Twenty percent failed through hyperinflation, 21% were destroyed by war, 12% destroyed by independence, 24% were monetarily reformed, and 23% are still in circulation approaching one of the other outcomes…

The US dollar was taken off of the gold standard in 1971 when it was 1/35th an ounce of gold. At 40 years old, it has already lost 97% of its value. Yet it has lasted longer than the average fiat currency so perhaps its performance should be labeled “better than expected”. The US dollar has fallen by an average 9% annually over this 40 year period when measured against gold. As such, investment advisers may want to readjust their inflation expectations when projecting dollar based investments. The S&P 500 appreciated at 7% over the same 40 year period – not even keeping pace with the decline in purchasing power of the dollar.1

Bless President Trump’s heart. He’s brazenly chopping swamp creatures’ heads and bulldozing levees to drain the swamp, but it’s one helluva large bayou and uncertainty exists as to whether a black swan or dry land will first appear. Rumor is, I suspect true, a flood of federal indictments are forthcoming across the country. Indeed, we live in interesting times. The criminal acts of pedophilia, human trafficking, human slavery, murder and high treason supported by and even enriching elected officials and federal public servants is abominable. But where are the MSM’s judicious outcries against these horrid acts of inhumanity?

Likewise, n’er a word is spoken on the crises occurring in our natural world: ocean fishstocks rapidly depleting, economically- and environmentally-sound recoverable oil reserves falling fast (shale oil is bankrupting the industry), our nation’s farmlands exhausted of critical trace elements, abuse and overprescribing antibiotics is exhausting available effective antibiotic regimens, dramatic reductions in insects and large mammal populations, opposite ends of the foodchain, flash yellow warnings. These are but a few.

But the MSM? Crickets. Elon Musk smokes dope. Stormy Daniels receives West Hollywood key. Omarosa tells all. As if someone cared. These are the newsworthy issues of the day–if you buy centralized sources of tired tales lip-synced by talking heads around the globe in synchronous mazes of distraction: bulleted lists of lust, vanity and greed, the same human foibles as has been used in contriving plebs’ behavior for millennia.

So tell me. Are these the same news sources one should reasonably expect to warn of future dangers to society? Are their paymasters concerned with the general population’s best interests or more inclined to continue using the exorbitant privilege money can buy to further deepen their own pockets with good fortune? Don’t bother. It was rhetorical? No one with half a brain or more than one eye open would believe the MSM BS. Yet, they report the daily news as if this was not the case, like all of America sits on the edge of their seat awaiting the paid pipers’ latest shilling of market prognostications, foreign policy advice and the “real news” affecting us all.

And this my friend, brings us full circle to the point of this thought exercise. If an arsonist burns down a house and then screams, “Fire!” which is more newsworthy, the fire or the arson? In this little example, MSM reports the fire, interviews neighbors for the correct emotional response, alerts audiences to an increased risk and danger of fire then suggests home insurance, smoke alarms, batteries and fire extinguishers–all available happenstance from hopeful advertisers. But not a word of the arsonist or his/her motives.

Do you see what I mean? So let me ask you, are you prepared for the monetary reset? Odds are, you’re thinking, “Where’s the fire? Surely, CNN, Fox News or MSNBC will let me know if there’s a problem.” Sadly, this is untrue. America’s formal Fourth Estate has gone rogue. Additionally, their owners are now preparing to be on the other side of the trade when you start last-minute panicking. Altnews sources are most reliable. They actually spend time delving into details and even bother to provide sources. Who’d have thought these basic tenets of journalism would ever be absent from public news channels? But they are. So keep your eyes and ears open. Air seems charged to me. Lightning could strike anywhere at any time. Then again, this hurricane season could pass uneventfully. But then again… a perfect storm could be brewing.

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