Community, by Farah Bazzrea

Community, by Farah Bazzrea

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August 30, 2018 by Desp
Sometimes so caught up in the financial aspects of life, I fail to fully enjoy and appreciate the everyday joys of living. In fact, I almost feel guilty if I’m having too much fun as I go about completing my daily tasks. I grew up believing work was supposed to be “work.” But God’s creation

Sometimes so caught up in the financial aspects of life, I fail to fully enjoy and appreciate the everyday joys of living. In fact, I almost feel guilty if I’m having too much fun as I go about completing my daily tasks. I grew up believing work was supposed to be “work.” But God’s creation is such a wonder to behold and if we retain our sense of awe, each and every day becomes an epic adventure. Though the humble mayfly lives but one, I suspect that single day is a glorious experience. This is the inspiration for which I seek to live each day to the fullest. I literally postpone lying down for sleep each night as long as possible so that each moment receives its just due. Alas, mortals must regenerate; thus, my earthly body concedes as my consciousness rejoins Creation in its morphic energy field.

I hear you. What’s this got to do with community? Whether string theory, big bang, multiverse, electric universe, or Creation theory, or all or none of the above, there’s no denying humanity’s profound connection with the world around us. On so many levels, it is obvious we are all one with the Universe. Superficially, our senses separate us. Ego plays along. I suppose that is some sort of evolutionary survival trait. Otherwise, we’d see all of humanity as one GIANT plasmic slug sliming up the planet. Not a pretty picture. Thankfully, Mama Nature’s plan provides customized 3D viewers, aka eyeballs that in conjunction with the brain use world-class optics to convert the electromagnetic universe in which we exist into a nicely discernible world of purple mountains, green plains, deep blue oceans, clear lakes and roaring rapid-filled rivers, alongside our friends and family. How clever.

Okay… I’m getting there. Now that the miracle of life as we know it has been properly acknowledged, there are deeper aspects of existence beyond the physical. Human emotions, unseeable with our eyes yet more powerful than any earthly force, drive our behavior as our individual auric fields serve as an interface between the ethereal and the physical. Without burrowing deeper into the esoteric wormhole of our existence mostly reserved for philosophers and scientists, it suffices to state:

We are one

Physicality is an illusion

Innate human desire for community, family and togetherness is ingrained by the very nature of the Universe in which we exist.

In shorthand, humans are programmed to integrate into communities of various forms. And as part of the A-team (no B-team), I believe we inherently strive to succeed in fulfilling our primal mandate–community building. At least, this is where I often find myself, driven daily to take the necessary baby steps towards my envisioned future which includes a warm gathering of like-minded friends and family in pursuit of a better world. Imagining myself drifting through life without purpose or aim seems alien. On the other hand, I find joining individuals with similar goals to further a common cause enriches one’s life. At least, that’s been my observation and experience.

This brings us around to the title of my short little essay, community. Odds are, if you’re reading this, you are already part of the XUNiverse and I’m preaching to the choir. But for those of us backsliders and newcomers, just know, we embrace you and all that you bring to the table. Diversity in its many forms is critical to our shared prosperity and well-being. In much of today’s world, groupings are exclusive in one way or another. You, you and you can join but you over there, there and there, no such luck. Sorry! *Not really* Otherwise, there would be no “thems” in a world overstuffed with paradigms of “Us vs. Them”. Just think of all the organizations that pop into your head. Are they open membership? Or does one have to belong to some sort of exclusive subset of society in order to participate?

Not the case in the XUNiverse. We are united merely to foster humanity’s rise from the ashes of a millennia-long hierarchal financial and social scheme that elevates the few deviant psychopaths at the expense of the multitude. Through religion, government and wars, all manmade devises, these self-styled elitists have robbed humanity of its prosperity through its propensity for community. If we’re not part of the clique, we feel alone, our frailties exposed to the whims of powerbrokers and criminals, despite the opposite truly occurring. Outside their control, we are liberated to achieve our potential. And this, dear reader, is the point of my essay.

For example, here’s one of our beloved member’s recent post:

999Yesterday at 3:30 PM

Xun is a small tent at a festival, alcohol and benzol free. The only substances these people use recreationally are lsd shrooms and weed. They despise the mass of alcoholics, k holes, chavs on cocaine and idiots on pills. They create a chill zone for people who want to just chill and enjoy their time, without experiencing the negativity that the rest of the tents bring. The tribe leaders that manage this small tent, make it more and more fun for those who want to stay in this chill zone by banning the horrors that D&B, garage and acid techno brings. Eventually, this particular small chill tent gets known by the organisers, the organisers appreciate the effort of the tribe and see great potential and future in this community, thus appoonting the tribe leaders to manage and maintain the chill zone, converting it into a chill out stage. Time has passed and this small community is now part of the organisation team, decorating the chillout stage, bringin in djs to make the chill zone even more beautiful. The horrors that they were trying to fend off during the time of their rise, now are ashamed to even step into that bubble because theyre no longer fit, they became the black sheep. Now all of the appreciators of earths energies can have a place to chill and no longer have to deal with negativity.

‘nuff said–for now. Welcome to the XUNiverse!

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