UltraNote Infinity is Now On Incognito

UltraNote Infinity is Now On Incognito DEFI & PDEX App. What is a Privacy DEX ? We are all familiar with Decentralised Exch...
January 19, 2021

Launch of LocalCryptos Exchange

LocalCryptos.Club Your Favorite Place to Trade Your Favorite Cryptos! LocalCryptos.club is a peer-to-peer (p2p) cryptocurrency ...
June 18, 2020

HardFork and Network update

Dear UltraNote community We would like to give all the information about the recent hack which happened in March 2020) The atta...
March 19, 2020

New soft fork

Dear UltraNote community we are now reaching the end of year 2019 and it is of utmost importance for UltraNote to transit into ...
December 29, 2019

UltraSearch and more

Did you know that you can now request UltraNote payments with the new Invoicing Service and Search the Internet ”Incognit...
November 14, 2019

Genesis block 2019 statement

This is an announcement to reiterate The UltraNote Team’s position about the 18 Billion Genesis Block Coins. Recently in ...
October 26, 2019

UltraNote Closes Out Challenging 2018 with Exciting 2019 Roadmap

If the king can fall, nothing can protect the noblemen, lords & peasants. 2018 proved to be a long, brutal year for cryptoc...
March 9, 2019

AI: Beast of Burden or Tower of Power? by Farah Bazzrea

“Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intel...
March 8, 2019

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall by Farah Bazzrea

In an upside-down world where debts are assets it’s hard to recognize value. If, as we’ve all done in the past, trusted the MSM...
February 16, 2019

MSM: Irrelevant News by Farah Bazzrea

So often the MSM reports a story as if an actual third-party existed in their poorly veiled propaganda pieces masquerading as h...
September 12, 2018
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