Attachment feature added to GUI wallet

We are very happy to announce the release of a brand new feature for XUN and a first for ANY cryptocurrency; the ability to send encrypted attachments to the wallet of another user .

For a flat rate fee of 1 XUN (minimum), attachments of any file type, up to a combined total of 100Mb can be sent from one GUI wallet to another.

The attachment feature is a significant development because it further diversifies the encrypted communication features of UltraNote, which will appeal to yet more users who wish to communicate and transact securely.

How it works

When you upload your attachment to your XUN transaction, a hash is created which is approximately 53 characters. When you send your XUN, the destination wallet has the keys to unscramble the hash and your destination contact will be able to open your attachment. Your attachment is protected by 2048 SHA keys as part of the transaction, which is almost like asking Deadpool to watch your lunch; that’s how well protected your attachment is. The name of your file is also encrypted using separate Chacha20 encryption, so that even this is not discoverable.

The attachment is sent as part of an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) which is a decentralised peer-to-peer network and protocol; a kind of shared, distributed filing system. This means that your attachment is not stored on the blockchain but instead, an encrypted shadow copy is created on the IPFS. The shadow copy is stored on the IPFS but due to the complexities of the peer-to-peer network, there is no source to trace the transaction, so it is impossible to trace where or who the message was downloaded from or unscramble the separate hash to unlock your attachment.

Your attachment will be available to you forever via your GUI wallet, even if the IPFS server is shut down.

There is even the ability to add a timed self-destruct to the attachment, which removes the transaction hash completely after a specified time; it’s as if your file never existed. The only thing that remains is the outgoing destruction message which lays within the transaction list of the GUI wallet in order to maintain the blockchains integrity.

We can think of multiple legitimate industries, users and groups who would benefit from sending encrypted attachments, the implications of this communication breakthrough are huge.

The new attachment-enabled GUI wallet can be downloaded very soon from and is available for windows, MAC and Linux.


Team UltraNote