11 Reasons UltraNote beats other cryptocurrencies

11 Reasons UltraNote beats other cryptocurrencies

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March 5, 2018 by Desp
Think cryptocurrency and you’d be forgiven for thinking Bitcoin, Monero or Ethereum were the best. This article will show you that whilst they were the first, they are not the best any more.

Think cryptocurrency and you’d be forgiven for thinking Bitcoin, Monero or Ethereum were the best. This article will show you that whilst they were the first, they are not the best any more.

UltraNote (XUN) is the new kid in town and it has a huge amount going for it, it’s building respect fast. Read more to learn the shocking UltraNote revelation that could save cryptocurrencies outlawed by some countries.

See how you can earn free XUN for yourself – 50, 300 or even 950 coins per person are there to be claimed by any reader. Act fast before the bounty campaign ends!

1. Low transaction fees

In the future, transaction fees will be a BIG deal. UltraNote is prepared for the future already, transaction fees are as low as 0.001 XUN, making micro payments realistic – even when the market cap of UltraNote reaches $100’s of billions, some transactions will cost only a few cents!

In 2017, we are already seeing micropayments becoming unjustifiable for our competitors – they simply aren’t built for mass adoption. The sea change in cryptocurrency will come and UltraNote will be there to take the baton from the current leaders.

2. Transaction speed

UltraNotes target block time is 2 minutes, this is 5 times faster than Bitcoin. That’s important when it comes to the speed of your transaction.

Faster transactions make life easier. Messages and unconfirmed transactions show instantly, so your receiver knows their payment is coming in seconds. UltraNote confirms over 1000 transactions per second, equal best in comparison to top 10 coins.

3. The GUI wallet

A wallet – just a facility to store/send/receive your cryptocurrency right? Wrong, not with UltraNotes incredible GUI wallet. GUI stands for Graphic User Interface.

It’s really worth shouting about – the GUI wallet even makes cryptocurrency mining available to anyone with a home pc or laptop, it is almost as easy as 1-2-3. You only have to click a few buttons!

You can store, send, receive, mine and earn interest all at the same time with this wallet. It’s a fantastic creation and one that will be further developed, modified and improved by the UltraNote dev team.

4. Messaging feature

When you send XUN from your GUI wallet, you can accompany it with a secure, encrypted message. How fantastic is that? How about:

“I’ll be 10 minutes late, heres XUN to buy tickets, meet at the door to save time”

“Full balance in payment of Purchase Order 00049885”

“Thanks for babysitting, see you next week”

This feature makes UltraNote stand out from the crowd. None of the top coins offer this feature and we firmly believe this is reason alone to make UltraNote THE currency of the future.

5. Interest paid on deposits

When you store XUN in the GUI wallet, you can choose to earn interest whilst its wrapped up safely. This is done by locking your coins onto the blockchain for between one month and one year, earning anything from 0.25% to 3%.

This feature isn’t offered by any of the top coins, it’s our little way of spreading your XUN further. The interest comes from a combination of miners fees and transaction fees when other people send XUN.

6. Coin Supply

UltraNote has a perfect coin supply of 85 billion XUN, which is expected to be fully mined by 2048. The total coin supply is a carefully calculated amount, perfect for worldwide mass adoption. Think about it, the world population is 7.6 billion in 2017, expected to rise to 9.4 billion in 2050 (Source: US Census Bureau, International database, Aug 2017 update).

This equates to 9 XUN per person. Each coin has 6 decimal places – most people will be able to fit their wealth within this system.

Other coins are not so prepared. There will only ever be 21 million BTC, giving on average just 0.00223404 coins per person in 2050. This simply isn’t enough; small transactions will be swallowed up by transaction fees, making Bitcoin suitable for large transactions only. The only way to adjust this is by changing the code and issuing more coins, which devalues all previously mined Bitcoins. Guess what, the banks already do this to the money in your pocket, it’s called quantitative easing or inflation. Either way, your money is worth less and less every day.

Monero is in a similar situation to Bitcoin, with approximately 18.1 million coins in circulation by May 2022 and a further 1% every year thereafter. Moneros system has 12 decimal places, meaning micro transactions will be preceded with numerous zeros, probably too many to count quickly; easy to make mistakes? Perhaps.

UltraNote is much more liquid and is well positioned for being the worldwide currency of the future. No need to add more coins to its supply, devalue those coins already mined or adjust the code.

Keep reading for details on how to claim your free XUN, plus don’t forget that shocking revelation about UltraNote.

7. Interactive Dev team + community

One of the great bits of feedback we get at UltraNote is that people love how they can interact with the dev team. It’s one of our key attributes; we like interacting. UltraNotes dev team are easily contactable through the forum and [email protected].

UltraNote is rapidly building its community through the XUN forum, Discord (XUN Republic), bitcointalk, steemit, twitter and facebook.

8. True anonymity + a shocking revelation about UltraNote!

Anonymity is so important and people have been caught out who thought they were anonymous whilst using other coins. They then discovered that most other coins were actually a form of public-ledger. Visible to anyone, once the sending or receiving address is known.

UltraNote differs because, wait for it, it’s fungible! That just means each unit can be substituted by another unit. It’s impossible to tell the difference between transactions. Anonymity is an important feature of UltraNote. When you combine this feature with the messaging function, UltraNote cannot be touched by prying eyes or other cryptocurrencies. Read the UltraNote whitepaper for more details on the anonymity and privacy features.

Now for the shocking revelation about UltraNote which could prove so important for outlawed cryptocurrencies in the future. You can transfer the private keys of other cryptocurrencies within UltraNotes messaging facility. Initially you’ll wonder why this is important but it will be one of the key reasons that UltraNote breaks through to the big time.

9. The XUN exchange

A currency is a store of value. You can exchange your (legal) goods or services for XUN on the UltraNote forum, where an area has been created for you to trade or exchange goods or services using XUN as the payment method.

UltraNote team can even act as custodians for the transaction. The service is in its infancy but is set to grow rapidly and early feedback about this function is really positive.

10. The XUN supply / demand curve

The supply of UltraNote has been carefully considered to support mass adoption. Over the first 6 years, 50% of all coins will be mined. For the remaining 24 years, mining will occur at a fixed rate.

This is important because most other coins mine the vast majority of their coin within the first 6-8 years.

For this reason, their lifespan will probably be shorter, in part due to the fast nature in which they were mined, but also as a result of their popularity and the lack of overall supply. UltraNote has a balance and rewards both miners and holders of XUN.

11. XUN Giveaways and bounties

Here’s how you can earn free XUN.

UltraNote has recently announced the November 2017 giveaway and you can get up to 950 free coins! Full details are in the bounty campaigh article but you can see a brief breakdown here:

Bounty Platform
50 XUN XUN forum
150 XUN Facebook
150 XUN Twitter
300 XUN Blog post
300 XUN Vlog post

This bounty campaign ended on 1st December 2017 but there will be more throughout 2018. Keep checking the announcements section of the Discord community, XUN Republic.


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